u noe what ?! i hate that date ;( what the fucking date fucking my heart T_T sy sedeyh gilerr bile awk ckp kte nie KAWAN jew :') awk ckp ta rdy na cpel . comell giler alsan awk en :) slps awk jji mcm2 kt sy , awk tgl sy cm tuu T_T awk jugak ckp "biy takan tgglkn syg " so mne jji2 awk tuu ? huwaaa once again i was game by boy ! shitt n fuckk up ;( npe awk tglkn sy ? love ave u said to me is juz a FAKE ? in one day , i LOST everything :'( T_T i lost the person who i love damn ! cbe awk kt tmpt sy , pe awk rse ? hepy kn skit aty :') ap yg awk ckp kt sy , sume sy caye . so stupidoss kn :)  smpi en mlm tuu sy nges giler babi -,-' 1 ary sy ta tdo . n sy ade ckp sy demam en . yeahh i got a fever bcos of u :') all nite i'll cry bout u alone . two weeks ! so long i got a fever . smpi sy rse haty sy skg dh kosong T_T tade prsaan nk bercinte lg . tp wht can i do ? so hard to 4get u . n i now how mtter i'll try , i cant T_T i feel damn stupidd for loving u more than i love myself T_T u ar everything for me :'( kbai #

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