relationship ??

can u plis stop giving me any hope ! :') maybe u dun know how i feel every time when i miss you :') boys never and ever understanding women heart ! they always giving fake hope to girl but nver fulfil it rite T_T fuckk >.< now idk wht sttus our rltionsip :// i noe im not ur type :') im not ur dream girl rite :') wanna girl wearing skarf .  but at least i noe how to appricte when i love some1 >.<! when u were on9 , u nver talk to me . even say hye :') so sad nee :'(( evry time i on9 , i owex waiting fer u :') but each time u did it , u ignore me T_T u hurt me :') but wht can i do ?! i bcome stupid bcos of u !! waiting for u ! can u plis not breaking my heart ?! atotoo ! i hate dis feeling . when eever i wrting dis blog , i must feel wanna cry :') shitt >.<

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